Kazanan Agro

Kazanan Agro is an AgriTech that is trying to create a sustainable superfood value chain in partnership with farmers across the world beginning with India. The goal is to make farmers choose a combination of super crops which complement each other or co-exist with each other to create a better and recurring income for farmers leveraging farming best practices and technology to produce the best quality and quantity.


Joyeux is a platform transforming traditional gifting into financial products gifting (Digital Gold, Mutual Funds, Stocks and much more) and will be a one stop solution for sending and receiving financial products as gifts which would then translate into investments for the receiver in the longer term. With Joyeux app, you can gift financial products to you loved ones

Ace Hours

One stop platform for MSMEs in India to solve all their issues on both financial and non-financial areas. No need to shed huge money to get industry experts.

Pack 360

PACK360™ is online e commerce packaging material supply store that is A COMPLETE PACKAGING SOLUTION for all. PACK360™ offer you a wide range of of E-commerce courier bags, bubble role, bopp tapes, packaging net, box strap, stretch film, corrugated boxes, rubber bands, plastic sutali, corrugated roll,packaging tools and more with customization also.


Agrifi is a digital credit agri ecosystem to empower farmers and traders by partnering with various ecosystem partners. Lending is our core proposition! They onboard farmers through “Krishi Khata” mobile app, by which we can either distribute or collect information to offer required assistance, They have over 15,000+ downloads in just 8 weeks.

Hirat Foundation

Hirat Foundation, a non-profit organization in india is to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes.


STAYRIGHT is a one stop Shop for MSMEs of India for Solving all their Issues for Both Financial and Non Financial needs. All their Experts are Industry Veterans and Champions with Proven Track in their Field of Expertise.


Greenverz is One Stop Shop For All Your Garden Needs. Huge Selection Of Indoor Plants. Vegetable, Herb & Flower Seeds. Pots & Planters. Organic Soil Manure. Garden Tools & Much more

Blue Barrows

Blue Barrows is an eCommerce company that offers unique products from homegrown brands across India. These products adhere to sustainability norms and are often handmade as well as made to order. Their catalogue has a wide variety from home decor to beauty and wellness than what meets the eye.