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We are living in the age of connectivity, and that means more things are right at your fingertips — literally. With one press on the button, one swipe left or right, you can open up new worlds in a matter of seconds. We’re talking about apps, those little icons on your mobile device.

But at Virusha Tech, we don’t just talk about apps; we live and breathe apps. We have assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in software development, marketing, and leadership, giving our clients access to the most cutting-edge technology. You can rest assured you’re in good hands, as we have considerable experience in both Android and iOS app development.

Our goal is to create something you’d be proud of and that helps your business. Apps can be transcendent, and they can also be colossal failures. That’s why we developed a comprehensive approach to app development that takes guessing out of the game.

Video & Graphic Design Process

Step 1: Creative Brief

It helps the designer learn more about the needs of the client. This step is critical since we need to gather as much information as possible about the client, his or her company, and his or her project expectations.

Definition Phase

Step 2: Design Research

The goal of the research step is to learn more about the client’s competitors. Your rivals’ designs can be good sources of inspiration. We analyze what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can make improvements. Ultimately, we learn about common tones and styles.

Step 3: Brainstorming / Mood Boarding

Once we have a good understanding of the client and his or her competitors, it’s time to generate design ideas. After gathering some ideas, we create a mood board that will allow us to gather the client’s ideas and our ideas.

Step 4: Sketching

Now it’s time to build on prioritized ideas and start sketching. We work on the sketches both manually and digitally. We sometimes directly converted and digitized the sketches and sometimes we use a large sketchpad and work on them.

Creation Phase

Step 5: Design Building

After Sketching, we share our best sketches with the client, and they provide us with initial feedback. Now we start working on the final designs. At this stage, we come up with different variations of designs. That way, we allow the clients to choose between existing designs.

Step 6: Refining

We refine the designs on the basis of the feedback received from our clients. We do this process until the designs are up to par with the client’s expectations.

Step 7: Revisions

Our team handles revisions and feedback via email and through meeting calls with the clients. We diligently work on all the comments received through these feedback sessions.

Feedback Phase

Step 8: Final Delivery

After all the edits and changes requested are done to the design, we receive the final approval of the client and deliver the finally finished designs to the client

Delivery Phase

Services Offered

Logo Design & Branding
Logo Design & Branding


We helped our clients achieve recognition for excellence in marketing. We respect the trust clients place in us when we develop their logo and visual identity, treating each one with the importance it deserves. After all, the designs we create together become the visual representation of everything you’ve built and worked towards as a company



Our animations reflect high production quality with the right mix of art, sound, and computer graphics design, to get your message out with wit and elegance. We also emphasize quick project turnaround, as we understand that businesses often work on tight deadlines. leads through the inbound marketing funnel.

Audio Production
Audio Production


Our experts cover activities ranging from music composition, voice-over production, sound design, and audio direction. Getting every element synchronized to make it sound great with the visuals used in the video turns out to be a very challenging job, especially if you are not skilled enough in audio

Graphic Design
Graphic Design


Whether you're looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, the talented global community of designers at Virusha Tech can make it happen. Virusha Tech prides itself on its high-quality designers who deliver only the best graphic design services.



 Our services include line art sketches, gaming characters, comic characters, graphic figures, editorial, contemporary, food, website, book, and product support Illustrations.., designed to support a variety of digital and print media, etc.

Infographic Design
Infographic Design


Infographics is a very popular online marketing tool that allows simplification of complicated data and captures viewers' attention. Our Infographic Design Services include the delivery of informative and attractive infographic designs that suit your online business needs and improve your brand's awareness.

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design


Our Landing page design services help businesses improve conversion rates from ad campaigns, email marketing, and other initiatives via conversion-focused page designs

UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design


Our UI and UX experts smoothly integrate into the software development process to work on convenient and intuitive digital products. As a UX and UI design services company, we follow modern trends and work hand-in-hand with the development team to create the most effective UX/UI solutions for web, iOS, and Android.

Other Services we offer in Video & Graphic Design

Photo Editing

Video Editing

Video Production

Voice Talent

Ebook Design

Website Design

Presentation & PPT Deck Design

Podcast Management

Product Design

Packaging Design

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